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Lori Palatnik
Rabbi Yakov Palatnik
The Audiobook

A path of reflection and inspiration for those moving through the stages of Jewish mourning and beyond – now as an audiobook.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Please consider sponsoring an episode in memory of a loved one. Your generosity will help us share Lori’s words and bring comfort to more individuals around the world.

To sponsor a chapter, select one from the list below. Click on the chapter, fill in your information, and follow the instructions to make your donation. (If you cannot click on an chapter, it has already been sponsored.)

This important project would not be possible without the generosity of supporters like you. Thank you.

Per chapter
For the book (5 chapters)
Sponsor a day of the 30 Day Guided Exercises
Introduction: A Late Night Call from a Neighbor
Chapter One: What Happens After You Die?
Chapter Two: What to Do in Memory of a Loved One: A Thirty-Day Path of Reflection, Inspiration, and Personal Growth
Chapter Three: A Guided Journey through Shiva and the Stages of Jewish Mourning
Chapter Four: Question People Ask…
Chapter Five: Reflections: Looking Back on the Loss of a Loved One
Day One: Judging Others
Day Two: How We Are Judged
Day Three: Seeking Knowledge
Day Four: The Purpose of Creation
Day Five: Who Is God?
Day Six: What is the Torah? Introduction
Day Seven: What is the Torah? The Five Books of Moses
Day Eight: What is the Torah? The Oral Torah
Day Nine: What is the Torah? The Talmud
Day Ten: Kaddish
Day Eleven: Laws of Speech - Lashon Hora
Day Twelve: Laws of Speech - Permitted Speech
Day Thirteen: Laws of Speech - Speaking the Truth
Day Fourteen: Prayers - God Hears Your Prayers
Day Fifteen: Prayers - You Can Ask Him For Anything
Day Sixteen: Shabbat
Day Seventeen: The Jewish Holidays
Day Eighteen: Keeping Kosher
Day Nineteen: Friendship
Day Twenty: Teshuvah
Day Twenty One: Love
Day Twenty Two: Gratitude
Day Twenty Three: Abraham
Day Twenty Four: Who Is Wise?
Day Twenty Five: Who Is Brave?
Day Twenty Six: Who Is Rich?
Day Twenty Seven: Who Is Honored?
Day Twenty Eight: Honouring Parents
Day Twenty Nine: Jerusalem
Day Thirty: Struggling with God

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